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Would you like to join the Future Project as volunteer?


Our mission is to incentivize local communities to make effective use of technology, never stop learning and think outside the box - together for better days.


In particular, we are looking for people who can help with


  • Art classes for both adults and children

  • Language lessons to teach English, German, French, Arabic and Greek 

  • Educational courses around environmental studies, waste management and recycling

  • Coding classes and lessons in IT/ technology

  • Mentoring sessions in business development for aspiring entrepreneurs

Overall, we are not looking for specialised sets of skills, rather volunteers who are able to work hard, work cooperatively with others, effectively communicate, and able to cope with potentially high-pressure situations. Upon their arrival, volunteers are given the opportunity to experience all tasks but day to day work varies according to current needs.

One thing to note is that our work is not always predictable. If you are interested in volunteering, you should be comfortable with working in a changing environment. Keep open communication with the rest of the team and especially the coordinators; if you have a special skill, wherever possible, we will make sure that the community can benefit from it.


What we expect of our volunteers


  • We expect a team-oriented attitude.

  • We expect flexibility and willingness to work according to the needs of the situation, which may at times mean working for long hours.

  • We expect a working knowledge of English. Although the volunteers come from all over the world we communicate primarily in English. 

  • We expect you to take responsibility for decisions you make.

  • We expect you to look after yourself and also to look out for others.

  • We expect you to maintain and encourage good relationships with other organisations and authorities working in the region.

  • We expect you to be sensitive and respectful with local people and to listen to their views and not impose your own.

  • We expect you not to drink alcohol while working.


While volunteers are needed and appreciated, it is important to remember a few things 


  • Do your best to eat properly, drink enough water, and be rested. The work can be exhausting – take care of yourself.

  • Dress for the weather. Researching the weather on Samos will help to best prepare.

  • If a Volunteer Coordinator asks your help to work on a specific task please do so if you can. At the same time be understanding and if you are asked not to do something then do not do it. Usually there are reasons behind that choice that you maybe are not aware of yet.  Often this is in the best interests of the refugees safety as well as volunteers, not something personal. If there is something you don’t understand, please ask.

  • Be ready to communicate and keep others informed of what you are doing. If you are working in a group, always inform others when you leave. Situations can sometimes be intense or chaotic, but it is important to remember that other volunteers are relying on your help too.

  • The volunteer group benefits in many ways from the range of experiences and skills that volunteers bring, but please do not try to change things without discussing with the coordinators first. It may be that your ideas will make a huge difference but they need to be integrated smoothly into the existing processes; there may be factors that you don’t know about that need to be taken into account.

  • At quiet moments take a break, drink some water, sit down for a few moments, but if you have nothing to do its always easy to find something. There are always more things to do - be creative.

  • Photos can be key for communicating the volunteer situation to people back home (especially if they are donating money), but always ask permission before taking photos – these individuals are likely in the most vulnerable situation of their lives, but they still have their dignity. Try not to put images of recognizable faces on Facebook (even with permission) as it can have negative effect on their asylum application procedures and also it can be illegal (for example, taking pictures of children without their parents consent). Photos of the hotspot must not be taken.


Application Form


Please do not apply more than 3 months in advance of your planned volunteering as we do not know what the needs will be this far in the future.




        Do you have Questions? Please reach out to us!