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DEUTSCH    العَرَبِيَّة‎‎



The Academy

On the Greek island of Samos, 1000 meters from the border to Turkey at the birthplace of Pythagoras, changemakers from around the world live an study together.


The Pythagoras Academy brings together experts from around the world who stud mathematics, technology and the arts at the birthplace of Pythagoras. 

It is made up from different tracks and works together with a plentiful of local and international partners who seek to uplift their knowledge and gain new experiences through design thinking and collaborative learning.

It is open for all and strives to create opportunities to promote growth, development, and understanding in the region.


Visitors are invited to run different programs in the facilities of the Academy.

The Academy therefore brings different partners from all over the world together and curates a program of partners. The Academy also works with partners to track the impact of each program.

A central communication department of the Academy distributes results and happenings to the local community, as well as to visitors and the media.

The Startupbooat Residency & Classrooms
The Theatre
The Campus
Why Samos?

Paula Schwarz is the Founder of Startupboat. Even though she left the island for some time to learn in other regions around the world, she decided to begin with the first Future Project of Startupboat back home. Together with  an international community of supporters, she pushes for more innovation on a local level to make Samos a best-case example of rural development that is driven by locals, refugees and remote supporters .

If you would like to visit us, join a Startupboat trip or find out more, please send us a message!