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DEUTSCH    العَرَبِيَّة‎‎



A mobile network of innovators who

create and grow opportunities together - beyond borders.

Who has joined the Startupboat?

Some of our partners and long-term supporters

Construction & Mobility



Communications & Connectivity

Scalability & Cross-Border Cooperation

Knowledge Management & Research

What happens on the Startupboat?

Our guests come together from a plentiful of backgrounds, professions, cultures and countries to form synergies and meet with hidden innovators of a region.

Startupboat sessions are explorative are adjusted to the focus topic of each journey.

Outcomes of each session are documented in detail and can vary in their nature.

For example, we grow research papers with the help of our knowledge partners and support our corporate partners with the implementation of innovation-driven projects.

Some of our news...

Trips:...The Startupboat is coming to Asia!

The StartupBoat starts sailing in the Philippines!
Our crew will embark on the first journey by the end of 2016 to discover and support hidden innovators in the region together with selected experts. Mark the dates in your calendar, buy your ticket now and stay tuned for more information! https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/startupboat-philippines-tick…

New tools...Refugeehost.com

The mobile website Refugeehost.com was built on a Startupboat in the summer of 2016 to as a service to connect those who are looking for shelter with potential hosts. The platform is currently in pilot state and operates in Athen s and Berlin. 


Donatio enables startups and companies to donate non-sellable stock of 2000 items plus in the most effective way. As a service, Donatio arranges for the right pickup, short-term storage and delivery of items, as well as customs and communications with the selected distribution partners such as the United Nations Refugee Agency and Save The Children.

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Would you like to join one of our next sessions?

Contact us!

Testing...The Refugee First Response Center

Experts of Cisco, the Bayer Foundation and the German Railway will meet at our home base on Samos to test and improve the so called 'RFRC' in partnership with the United Nations Refugee Agency and Doctors without Borders. For more information please about the Refugee First Response Center please visit www.RFRC.eu.