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DEUTSCH    العَرَبِيَّة‎‎



Mission Statement

We are all in the same boat.

As the world moves closer together, our societies face new social challenges beyond borders. Our teams build prototypes with those who share experiences, costs, and risks in order to form new opportunities for more collaboration, trust and respect between partners of different worlds. We have learned to accept and manage failure as part of a creative process in the search for excellence.


We know that we live in times of change and have thus decided to keep our format strong but flexible. This means that we try to produce recyclable tools from scratch, we use design thinking methods during our sessions to break barriers and adjust the schedule of a session quickly based on latest developments.


Here's why we board the Startupboats.

Politicians think in laws, developers think in code, entrepreneurs think in profit, NGO workers think in resolutions, scientists think in studies:


While everyone likes to stay in their bubble, we believe that this has to change. We bring people together to think about solutions away from their usual playing field.

Our next sessions & destinations.


On January 27. 2017 we will host a Buildathon at the academy to grow tools for effective grassroots innovation in rural Europe and the Arab region.


During the session, Startupboat engineers will showcase the status quo of different efforts and invite partners to co-create.



From March 10. - 12., we will meet in Jordan to test a selection of medical technologies for trauma support.

Our aim is to connect the efforts of an international community of supporters with direct feedback from users on the ground.


Please let us know if you would like to join a Startupboat trip or in case you want to learn more about our work!